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Engaging the core

Updated: May 29, 2020

Another simple procedure but maybe difficult to maintain, so please practice regularly. To engage the core muscles: place your hands flat on your tummy with the thumbs in contact with your tummy button. Take a deep breath in through the nose, as you breath out through pursed lips activate the pelvic floor as if you were resisting going to the loo and gently draw your tummy button away from your thumbs towards the spine. Hold for a few seconds, release and repeat. As you get used to doing it gradually build up the time that you can maintain it. Most importantly, don't hold your breath, breath freely throughout. This is beneficial to, and should be incorporated into, the procedure to find neutral spine as described in my previous post. Engage your core after the gentle rocking back and forth once you've found your central position. The core is the powerhouse of the body where all body movements originate. By engaging your core and keeping a neutral spine you're better able to stabilise your body, perform your exercises more safely and effectively as well as being of massive benefit to activitivities in your daily life. Core stability is important, especially to activitivities of daily living and can be described as the ability to hold your trunk firm so your limbs have a strong stable base to move from. To progress we need to practice the above, incorporate it into our daily activities and perform core and back strengthening exercises.

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