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Training outcomes

Updated: May 29, 2020

Below is part of the flyer that I use to promote new and existing classes. This always promote's a lot of interest and leads to new members, who usually stick with me for the long term and reap lots of benefits. I must be doing something right!

Functional exercise class for independently active older adults.

Whatever your current level of fitness, you can expect many of these things to happen if you attend:

Move from a sedentary lifestyle into a more active one

Improve activities of daily living

Maintain independenc

Increase cardio vascular fitness

Increase mobility and flexibility

Increase muscular strength and endurance

Reduce risk of falls

Reduce body fat

Improve cognitive function

Reduce the risk of illness and disease

Suitable for men and women, in a safe, fun, sociable, non -

intimidating environment.

The above is just as applicable to my online classes as it is to my normal classes.

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The following information is general and may not be suitable to your individual health status. Always check with your Doctor before starting an exercise programme and always follow your registered fit


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