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Updated: May 29, 2020

The information given in my posts is general and may not be suitable for everybody. Check with your Doctor or health care professional before starting an exercise programme or becoming more active. Any current health/medical conditions will effect what you can and cannot safely do. Your registered fitness professional will medically screen you and advise you. If you chose not to consult with your Doctor or take your fitness professional,s advice you must assume all responsibility for your participation in said activities.

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Online class joining details via Zoom

To join any of my Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 10:00 am exercise classes online use ID 640 216 3579 Passcode 123456

Beginners and non exercisers.

One of the most successful and rewarding things that I've achieved in my fitness career is teaching complete beginners and non exercisers into a more healthy, active lifestyle and to become regular ex

Training outcomes

Below is part of the flyer that I use to promote new and existing classes. This always promote's a lot of interest and leads to new members, who usually stick with me for the long term and reap lots o


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